Large Opening Screens

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Designed for Large Openings With Quality Materials

Lifetime Warranty

All screen components, excluding the mesh, have a lifetime warranty from manufacturer defects.

Retained Mesh

This product is designed with mesh that is secured in the bottom and top tracks. This prevents mesh “blow-out” and ensures pets stay in your home.

Spans to 14ft Wide

The 3500 reaches up to 14 feet wide and 10 feet tall or 28 feet wide in a double configuration.

Smooth Running

Our guide design and Teflon-infused plastics create the smoothest-riding screen in the industry.

We Cater To Large Door Sizes

We have the perfect fit for every door in your home, including retractable screens for porches, garages, patios, and more. Our large opening retractable screen covers up to a maximum width of 14 feet (28 feet for double doors) and 10 feet high.


Large Opening Retractable Screen Door Benefits


Retractable screens offer protection against insects from coming into your home.

Customized Fit

Our retractable screen will be cut to the size of your door, window, or large opening, and will fit into any space around your house.

Living Area Expansion

Extend your outdoor living space and make your larger doors usable in all seasons.


Create a breezy, comfortable outdoor area that shelters you from extreme heat and cold.

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